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The Yellow Medicine River and the associated watershed is a major tributary of the Minnesota River. The watershed district is funded by tax paying citizens of Yellow Medicine, Lincoln and Lyon Counties of Southwest Minnesota.  Look over our website for information regarding our watershed. Email us with any comments or questions you may have. We love hearing from you!

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Lincoln County Ditch 38 Improvement Project

The final public hearing for the Lincoln County Ditch 38 Improvement Project will be held at
10:00 a.m. on November 14 at the YMRWD Office.


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2017 Approved Budget

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BWSR Grant for Terrain Analysis Assessment 
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MPCA / Yellow Medicine River Major Watershed Restoration and Protection Study


The Yellow Medicine River Watershed District, Minneota, Minnesota  has entered into a contract with MPCA to begin work on a project titled the Yellow Medicine River Major Watershed Restoration and Protection Study.  This project began in the state legislature, where it was decided that the state’s water quality issues should be managed on a watershed basis.

BWSR One Watershed One Plan
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The Yellow Medicine River Watershed District and its project partners have been awarded a grant to begin the process of gathering data, making assessments, modeling using our Geographic Information System,  and completing a report that will be used by our Watershed District and all of our partner agencies in writing their individual Water Plans.   A Water Plan is a document that details the goals and proposed funding sources for many of our water quantity and water quality projects.   Flood control is our first priority,  as well as sustaining cropland for future generations, by controlling run off from the croplands. This in turn will help to  manage the introduction of sediment to the river.   We also work towards prevention of eroded riverbanks,  through the removal of tree jams that block the flow of the current.   The public has been attending meetings in which they are being asked to share their input on the future goals of the watershed so that we can write those goals into our future watershed plan. For more information,  please call us.



Review the YMRWD Overall Plan.


The Yellow Medicine River Watershed District recently completed the process of updating our 10 year watershed management plan.  The Board of Soil and Water Resources reviewed and approved our 10 year overall plan in the Spring of 2009.


This watershed district has made great strides in the last ten years, and expects the next 10 years to be even more productive and progressive.


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Yellow Medicine River Watershed Boundary Map
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